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Best Marketing Strategies For Good ROI


Best Marketing Strategies For Good ROI

Return of investment is the major thing that every business owner and investor is concerned about. It might be three simple words, but it is the main and the only reason for which most of us employed for, and every company is running after. The ROI is calculated using two main parameters. The amount that goes in as an investment and the profit or the value that it generates.

The ROI of any company depends on these two things the operations and the marketing. In most of the companies, operations division only has small issues which can be resolved easily if there are enough resources. But marketing is the biggest hurdle that every company has to cross. Even if the company has all the required resources, marketing has always been a tough task.

The best way to market is to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. No offense to the operations division, a good marketer should be able to sell even the worst service or the product. The biggest boon to the marketing field is the internet. With the data available we can target and reach the right audience who are potential customers. Here are some of the marketing strategies for the best ROI.

Google Ad words

The search engine giant has provided us with a great platform to market our product or service. More than eighty percent of the purchases happen after a Google search. So making your ads appear on the screen while searching for your kind of product or service is mandatory to increase the number of customers. Clicking your Ad will direct them to your website where you can showcase the complete picture and the potential of the company.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of getting your website up in the search engine results. Even though SEO is very technical, the base of SEO deals with the basic psychology of man. It is a rare event that someone will go the second page in the Google search results. It is because more than 98% of the time Google offers the required results in the first page itself. So SEO for business is mandatory. Without SEO for your business, you are pretty much non-existent in the digital world.



Email marketing

Email marketing works in many ways. It helps you to find new customers, and at the same time, it helps you the stay connected with your old customers. Email marketing helps to convey information and update people if there is any event, special occasion, and offers. This is the reason why many websites ask to sign up with your mail Id.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to reach people in a casual way and strike the perfect chord with them, the best way to do it is through social media. The use of attractive graphics like images, videos, motion posters, and GIFs will definitely help to create a strong impact and a better impression among the audience.

Every social media platform is not a just tool to market; it is also a means to interact with people and customers. A casual conversation with a customer is something that would benefit business in every aspect.


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