ROI Wizard | Why is the dentist so expensive?
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Why is the dentist so expensive?

Why is the dentist so expensive?

A visit to a dentist is often costly. Many of you might have experienced a disturbance in their budget because of a sudden need to go to a dentist. It is a general observation that the dental care procedures are often very costly and even a single trip to the dentist can cost you a fortune.

It is of no surprise that just the primary cleaning treatment by a dentist is costly. Everyone wants to have bright white teeth and a beautiful smile, but it seems that not all of us can afford it. The mounting dental bills are one of the contributing factors why people hesitate to see a dentist. Whenever a problem arises, the majority of the people find excuses not to go to the dentist because it includes risks of infections, the pain seems to be unbearable, and most importantly, the treatments cost a lot.

If you have seen a dentist for any treatment, you might have a better idea that the simple procedures are also not easily affordable. Something as simple as the dental fillings can cost you $100-$300 (The exact price depends on the filling size.) Moreover, the complicated procedures including root canal and crown can cost up to $1000 for one tooth as these treatments require more time and efforts on the part of dentists.

If you ever wonder that why is the dentist so expensive, we have got the answer for you. Well, multiple factors combine to make these treatments costly. Most importantly, the dental procedures are performed by the well-trained and skilled professionals. These are the doctors who spent several valuable years of their life in academic institutes, dental colleges and took several expensive training programs so that you can get an effective treatment. So, if you consider all the efforts that they put in, along with their dedication and professional efficiency, it will justify the price that they charge for different services.

Moreover, the dental equipment and different tools that they used to treat your dental problems are very expensive. On top of that, their sterilization procedures and maintenance cost are also very high. For instance at Tannlege i Ålesund, the dental x-ray machines that they use costs about $20,000 and the advanced digital versions are even more expensive. Besides, an ordinary dental chair with necessary trays and required light is also costly, and they buy each chair for $10,000 approx.

Furthermore, sometimes the professionals contact other companies and labs for purchasing some stuff like dentures, and it adds up the reason for their being costly. In addition to these, when you consider the price of surgical apparatus, medication (that are required for several different treatments such as fillings and root canals) and anesthesia, you will understand why they charge such a hefty fee per visit.

Here is another important thing to mention. Remember that the dentists are the health professionals and just like other doctors they also have to get malpractice insurance that costs huge money.


These are the different reasons that add up to huge medical bills that you often have to pay when you visit a dentist. Some treatments are costlier than the others because of their complexity. You might think that a dentist is charging too much for your dental care, but his efforts, skills, and tools that he or she uses are not cheap. The take home point is, dentists are expensive because they are totally worth it.

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